The polka dot is back and it is no longer for children. This new polka dot is grown and sexy and never looked better. Doing this dot its due justice is Stella McCartney. I have been super obsessed with her semi-sheer black polka dot dresses. Kate Winslet and Live Tyler wore two of the dress beautifully. I myself have been just enamored with the one seen in the ad in the September fashion magazines.

I was searching for something similar that I could wear myself, being that the Stella McCartney piece is over $2000. As always my go to for designer look alikes, Asos, had me covered. While I did not find a dress, I did find this top. Since what drew me to the dress was the contrast between the playful polka dot print and the more serious and sexy mesh cut out, this top worked just as well as a dress. Add to that the $45 pricetag and I am super happy!

I see myself wearing this top over fitted skinny black jeans, like it is pictured, with my black blazer for a super chic all black look. The spotted mesh neckline works almost like a necklace. If the dress is as long as it looks online then black tights maybe in order, with my gold snake print sandals and white blazer for nights out with Hym. I can see this top looking great with some casual styling as well, denim or red jeans or white jeans if you are on the braver side. Add an ankle bootie or otk and you are good to go.

This top will work whichever your style, so long as you make the top the central focus. Add a color shoe or clutch, but stay away from anything too dramatic  - trust me a polka dot, partially see through, cutout top is enough drama. Also keep the other pieces more classic, don’t add on other trends. The polka dot works well only on its own, when you throw on other trends it can start to look juvenile and tacky. Respect the polka dot and it’s new adult look by keeping your other pieces grown, simple, and classic.