So I am huge fan of Rachel Roy. She is beautiful and talented and seems to always be using her fashion and celebrity influence to do good in the world. Her Rachel Roy SS 2011 collection was one of the season’s biggest influencers, her color combinations and use of the color blue established two of Spring and Summer’s biggest trends: colorblocking and monochromatic blue looks. In the past few years, Rachel Roy has developed a more affordable line, Rachel Rachel Roy. It is sold at Macy’s and online at

This more accessible line is why I love Rachel Roy even more now than I did before. As we all know, though we may not say it, many designers who develop more affordable lines or collaborate with more affordable stores, do not do the best job. I have seen some callobroations at stores that make me cringe – inflated prices and extremely cheap looking and feeling materials. I will not name specific lines or callabos, because there is no need for bashing, however they are out there and I find it incredibly disrespectful to buyers for designers and stores to do this.

On the flip side, there are the few exceptions, like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rachel Rachel Roy. Like Marc, Rachel Rachel Roy, is a line that distiguishes itself from its higher end sister line without skipping on design and quality. I would never expect a Marc Jacobs bag to look just like a Marc bag, it would not be fair, however no one can ever accuse Marc Jacobs of skimping on his less expensive collections.

Rachel Rachel Roy follows this. Although it is very distinct from the Rachel Roy line, it is distinctly different without disregarding, and underestimating, its potential consumer. The funky and modern look of this line, is very different from the runway look of Rachel Roy, that is undeniable. I would not expect to see New York and Paris runway worthy pieces at this price point (most items are under $200). However  the pieces of Rachel Rachel Roy seem like the kind of pieces that would be on runways if consumers like myself, fashion fanatics on a budget, were to rule the fashion weeks of the world.

With its distinct look, Rachel Rachel Roy has high quality pieces that are always on-trend. They fit well too! I have to say, some pieces (like a few rings I have seen) do not quite live up to the rest of the line, however overall there is little that disappoints – even for those of us who have coveted her higher end line for years.  I love it and look forward to her new arrivals in-store and online, here’s her latest: Rachel Rachel Roy.

Some of my favorite items right now, some on sale: