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Rainy Day Outfits

Posted on May 29th, 2012

I feel like my reaction on a rainy day is always the same, “Wtf am I going to wear now?!”. I really dislike the rain. It is one of my few dislikes (besides sneakers and the word “sexy”). Rain in like a huge “F You!” to your wardrobe. This is especially true for me since I live in the Bronx and have to actually walk around in the rain to get to work and intern and meetings and other Manhattan-centric activities. I cannot do that in the suede shoes and trench coat outfit I keep seeing on the Lucky magazine website – my shoes will actually be getting wet at some point during my endeavors. Since it is so hard for me to dress for rain, I usually bookmark any rainy day outfit I run across for future style inspiration. Once day I plan to live in the most perfectly situated Manhattan apartment where everything is just a block or cab ride away, but until then some suggestions:

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What I Wore


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Men and Bags

Posted on May 16th, 2012

I have recently been spending a great deal of time going through the archives at Lee   Oliveira.com, which Pilar turned me on to (note: I gave you credit). While checking out the photos, I started to notice quite a few of them featured guys wearing some version of a bag. While I am a, “hold everything you have in your pocket or hand” kind of man, I am also a student who has many years of book lugging ahead of him (not everything can be uploaded to a tablet). These pictures got me thinking about my own philosophy on bags (not sure yet), the different style of bags men are currently using, and how many options men currently have. These pictures run the gamut from an old school briefcase to the standard book bag to more trendy (man) clutch. Am I supposed to put “man” before every bag word?

Floral Pants

Posted on May 14th, 2012

I just bought a pair of floral jeans and two floral pants from Zara – my print obsession has started to get the best of me. I will be posting a haul video soon along with pictures of how I am wearing my new floral bottoms. Until then some styling inspiration:

1. Match your blouse to your pant: Picking one of the colors feature in your pant (not the main color though) and add a neutral color blazer.  Up your floral game with a wildly contrasting pump to keep you from looking too match-y. OP does it perfectly.

 2. Go super feminine with a button up and brooch.

3. Make your florals stand out, by contrasting the femininity  of the print with a more masculine one, like stripes.

4. Try an unexpected combo: black, white, and yellow with a touch of citrusy red.

5. Wear your pant like a neutral: Choose a contrasting top and then match everything else. Floral pant + Blue & Black blouse/blazer/shoe/clutch = Perfect.

 6. Go monochromatic by choosing varying shades of the same neutral. 

7. Try something classic: Black and White with a P.O.C., easiest to do with a bright pump (Love the matching lips and nails).

8.  Two contrasting neutrals  put together, make this outfit seem daring without requiring too much.  Add some interesting accessories and you have an outfit that is safe without looking it. 

Birthday Night Out

Posted on May 8th, 2012

For my 24th birthday, Raymond took me to a lounge in LES. With Ray driving, we have been spending more time outside of NY or going upstate, but for my birthday we decided to go to Manhattan. I had an amazing time and it was a super nice birthday.

For the occasion I wanted to do a different look. I usually like very soft and dressed up, for this outing I wanted more glamorous, so I went with my hair up and more make-up. I even tried some faux eye lashes which is a VERY big first for me, since I am not a big fan of adding stuff to my face that might fall off mid meal.

Dress: French Connection | Blazer: Old, Aqua by Bloomingdale’s (Similar) | Clutch: Zara | Kitten Heels: Sam Edelman

I have always felt bandage dresses, and body-con styles in general, are a bit much because they are so fitted. However I paired mine with kitten heels to keep the look classic and added the blazer for a little extra coverage. I went with an oversized clutch to keep my look from becoming to over done. It is huge and suede and I am officially obsessed with it and have been wearing it everywhere. It is big enough to fit a lot of my usual purse contents so it’s a perfect replacement for my Speedy and more interesting to style also.

For the hair I used one of those doughnut things to make my bun really big and round. I found mine at Claire’s for like $5. They were buy one get one half off, so I bought a huge one for my bday and a small one fore regular use. The doughnut is my new solution to rainy humid weather and bad hair days. I did red lips and loads of mascara plus the lashes. I used a nude eyeshadow for my eyes since the lashes were already over the top. I liked wearing the eye lashes but I think the overall effect is too much for me.

I love laying everything out the day of so I can have a little prep party. I have a slight Netflix addiction so I like to catch up on my favorite 10 year old shows while I get ready. Here’s my makeup tray:

I am a big Shiseido and Clinique fan. I also love Physician’s Formula bronzers because they have every shade and combo possible, plus they cost like $11.  For mascara I have  yet to find a department store brand worth the price tag so I stick to my drugstore/pharmacy finds. Right now I am loving Rimmel – they have the thickest brushes and I am obsessed with fat mascara brushes. Eyeshadow is another make up item I don’t spend a lot on just because I rarely wear any. Another awesome drugstore buy:  Covergirl’s Cheekers. I found two that match my Clinique bronzer and blush perfectly and use them for my on-the-go touchups so I don’t have to carry around the bigger Clinique compacts.

I like to see my outfit hanging up while I do my makeup just to remind me of the look I am going for, especially when it’s time to apply lipstick or blush since the outfit really dictates what shades you should use.

The dress was a birthday gift from my mom and the blazer I bought myself  last Winter. White blazers are amazing because they looks great for Summer or Winter –  mine is satin finished so it can be worn with almost anything and dressed up or down.

 So these kitten heels have seen their last days because I have not taken them off since I started wearing them about three months ago and they died the morning after my birthday night. They are pointed and nude which are my two favorite things in a shoe and they go with everything so it has been a hard loss. Also nude and beloved to me is this clutch. Right now I am all about clutching, versus handling, my bags.

It was an awesome night – no pictures from inside, it was uber dark and smokey and I was having so much fun I forgot to get any of the place or food, sorry! The place was great and the food was amazing though :)

MET Gala Trend: Dark and Romantic

Posted on May 7th, 2012

I am loving this dark lip and soft hair trend. Whether the hair is pulled back or styled down, the minimal hair with little makeup but a deep dark lip is a look I am currently infatuated with. My favorite looks from the night all wore some version of this look. I prefer the more tanned version, a la Leighton Meester and Camilla Belle, versus the more natural look of Rooney Mara and Lana Del Rey just because my skin looks better with some color. As soon as I find the perfect dark shade lipstick I will post my looks on here. Is this a look you would try?

Look for Less: Jennifer Lopez Dolce & Gabbana Pink Coat

Posted on March 30th, 2012

I am in a pastels mode for Spring and right now pink is my favorite. Jennifer Lopez in a Dolce & Gabbana F/W ’11 RTW coat with Charlotte Olympia red and pink silk satin platform pumps and Kzeniya clutch. For a similar look, try this Zara jacket. Like JLo, elevate the chicness of  your pink coat through styling. I would pair this with a black bag and silver accessories and then add shoes according to the occasion: colorful or printed pumps for a night out,patent  black pumps for a conservative workplace, and ballet flats for casual looks (in camel, black, sparkling metallics, or red would be my suggestion).

Budget friendly: Asos Coat, Forever 21 blazer


Posted on March 28th, 2012

Forget your pet, wear them on your clothes!

Via Stockholm StreetStyle

Via Hanneli

Via Stockholm StreetStyle

Via Stockholm StreetStyle

Mad Hat

Posted on March 27th, 2012

I love the idea of these hats, usually reserved for the cool guys and now reframed as women’s street style couture. Considering how random the weather is in Spring (yesterday and today were freezing) this works well.

Via Le Fashion

Via Stockholm StreetStyle

Via Stockholm StreetStyle


Posted on March 26th, 2012

Ray and I don’t always agree on trends, for either sex. When it comes to trends we can share, there are even fewer agreements, outside of oxford shirts and white T’s. But camo is one we are both into right now. Ray has been a fan always, I am just coming around.


Via Fabulous on a Budget


Via Stockholm StreetStyle

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